Regarding the East West Link Government Project,

As Chinese living in Australia, we often find ourselves living under a transparent ceiling. Sometimes even our descendants suffer the same feeling. Only through high academic results can we merely find the satisfaction in school, but promotion to management at workplace is harder at another level. The reality is that Chinese Australians are less common to be seen at premium job positions. Why? The reason is simple and we all know it in our heart: a community that only concerns itself cannot earn the respect from other communities.

More than 20 years ago, thirty thousand Chinese overseas students have once gathered together and fought for their right to residency in Australia. They have successfully lobbied the government and obtained the recognition from the local Chinese community as well as the entire society. Here, we are very thankful to the Labor Government then in power for giving us the privilege to Permanent Residency. The Chinese overseas students from Sydney have also paid their lives over this. We, overseas students from Melbourne, will thank you again.

Flash forward to current time, Victoria Labor Government decides to overthrow the East West Link Project. This will not only cost us Victorian tax payers hundreds million to NOT build East West Link, but more importantly it means we will continue to waste countless hours driving on these over congested roads, emitting more greenhouse gases. And that I cannot live with!

Here I will quickly demonstrate two advantages of East West Link,

1)      The Project itself will be financially supported by the Federal Government. It can create over six thousand jobs in Victoria. Upon completion, it can greatly lift our efficiency in transportation; support more housing and immigration at its surround areas.

2)      It can significantly reduce the congestion on Monash Freeway as East West Link provides an alternative passage exiting CBD. This can make it more convenient for the people living in CBD to drive out.

Recently I read on newspaper, the Labor Party is gradually losing their votes from the Chinese community. In order to turn the tide around, a Labor Party Chinese Community is established in Western Australia. Their aim is to remind us it is the Labor Government that has given us the visa of Permanent Residency 20 years ago. However, I just want to express my thoughts. Now that we have become a part of a greater Australian community, I wish I can enjoy the freedom of speech like the rest of us. It is not that we have forgotten what the Labor Government has done for us 20 years ago. We just hope you can still hear our voices over the forum. This time we will not stay in the same old pattern – complaining at home over dinner and simply vote against you in the election. This time, we will speak out and let you know how you lost our votes.

Today, the speeches from the Chinese community will not just about those less relevant issues that only concern our own interests. Today, we will fight for this East West Link Project that concerns the entire mainstream society. I have expressed my voice over English mainstream media. I am grateful that I have been acknowledged by Federal member Mr. Michael Sukkar. Mr. Sukkar MP has shown me his completely support over this issue. In the following days, he will arrange federal ministers to my workplace to convey the complete and continuous support from the Federal Government.

I was fortunate enough to be noticed on this matter; however, if more and more Chinese migrants can stand together in the future, I believe our voice will only become more and more influential in the mainstream media. This is embedded in the foundation of our democracy. I have a dream that perhaps one day, while the bill is in debate in Parliament, the government will ask this question: will the Chinese support it?

Therefore there will be more and more Chinese Australian needed in the government, not just for show to attract more Chinese voters but they are actually needed there. Just like we have now gotten used to having Chinese receptionist at the banks. The top tier companies will soon realise they need Chinese in their management as their dealings with the Government will have more and more Chinese involved.

Therefore, please rise up for our next generation;

Fellow Chinese, who have supported Konka Televisions 18 years ago, please rise up again;

Those who have supported my business in the past, I, Bill Ma, sincerely invite you to rise up one more time.

We will speak out the same sentence: Just Build It!

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       联邦议员Mr.Michael Sukkar表达了他的支持


关于"East West Link"政府项目。



现在工党政府要撕毁“East West Link"项目合同,让我们维州纳税人不仅要赔偿违约金10亿澳元,还要继续在拥挤不堪的道路上花费时间,排放更多的汽车尾气,我反对!

这儿我简单列举一下“East West Link"的2大好处:


2)减轻monash freeway拥堵,因为我们可以绕道east west link,不必穿过city,这样居住在city的人们出行会方便很多。

前几天看到报纸新闻说,工党正在逐步失去华人社会的选票,为了扭转这样的局面,西澳成立了”华人工党社团“,呼吁我们牢记20多年前是工党给了我们永久居留权,希望我们重新将选票投给我们的恩人。 而我想表达的是:当我们已经成为澳洲大家庭中的一员,我希望我能够像任何澳洲人一样发出自由的声音,不是我不知道感恩,而是希望你们能够听到我们的声音,因为我们这一次不会仅仅停留在以前的模式:先在家里聚餐时发牢骚,然后用选票反对你。这一次我们要发出统一的声音,让你知道选票得失的原因在哪里。

今天华人社会发出的声音将不再是仅仅为了一些游离在主流社会外的利益,今天我们在一起是为了一个在主流社会都争论不休的项目“East West Link"。我在英文媒体上发出的第一个声音就被关注到,联邦议员Mr. Michael Sukkar (MP)回应了我的诉求,表达了他的全力支持,接下来他还会安排联邦政府的部长,来我的工作场所现场传达联邦政府的全力支持。

这次我发出的微弱的声音能够被关注到,应该是一种幸运,如果将来越来越多的中国移民都一起站出来发出统一的声音,那么这种一浪强过一浪的声音必将被密切关注,这是一种必然!  是澳洲民主体制所决定的! 我们希望政府在制定政策时,在向政府的顾问团咨询时都增加这样一项内容:华人社会支持吗?




照顾过我的生意的华人,我Bill Ma请你们站起来;

我们发出同一个声音:”Just Build It" !





This is a self-motivated, non-profit website. The aim of this website is to give those Chinese Australians who wish to speak out freely on current issues, an internet platform to do so. In the past, we have always needed a community to represent us in the hope that our voices can be heard. As a result, too many Chinese communities have emerged. However, it is the era of internet now. We do not need any community to represent us because in many cases we have never met those communities in person; we do not need a community to organise a protest because the social cost of a protest is too great; in fact all we need is an online platform, an Australian platform that can gather all the opinions from Chinese Australians, a Chinese platform that can be recognised by the mainstream society. Therefore all the articles published on this website will be translated into English by professional agent because Government officers and Members of Parliament will also look into this website. And this I can guarantee you.

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这是一个自发非盈利性的网站,建立的宗旨是:给那些对公共议题想自由发表个体声音的澳洲华人,提供一个互联网平台。过去,我们需要一个团体来代表我们个体的声音,希望被政府听到,于是乎我们的周围出现了许许多多的华人社团。 而现在是互联网时代,我们不再需要什么团体来代表我们自己的声音, 那些团体代表甚至同我们都素未谋面; 我们也不需要什么团体来组织示威游行,这样做的社会代价未免太大; 其实我们就需要一个网上平台,一个能汇集华人声音的澳洲平台,一个能让澳洲主流社会关注的华人平台。 所以本网站里的中文文章会由专业公司免费翻译成英文同时刊登,因为澳洲政府官员,议员会关注这个网站,我向大家保证这一点。